Wednesday, May 6, 2009

English 111

My experience in English 111 with Paul Gasparo has been a blast. On the first day in class, Mr Gasparo expressed on how quick and hard the next couple of weeks are going to be. So at first, I was nervous, and I was shaking in my boots. I asked myself if I was going to make it in this course because it is too much for me to handle. Despite the challenges in this class, Mr.Gasparo came up with some encouraging words that motivated me to keep going, do the assingments on time, and inpired me to write my essays. He also told us upfront that this dynamic class would be tough, but if we do the work and give our best effort, we would make it in this class.
Being in such a fast paced class, I have learned very well of what time management is all about. In this course, you should not procrastinate because you will fall behind, and before you know it, there will be another paper due next class. You really want to consume your time wisely. Say for instance if you have a paper due exactly a week and a half set, you need to do your draft the next night or after. It has been a privellege to experience this fast paced class because it taught me how to value my time that will help me through college and throughout my life.
I was very impressed on how Mr. Gasparo does his grading system because of its uniqueness that help us students to be successful in his class. In addition, He planned out everything for his students and make sure that they get everything they need in their homewrok and essays. Furthermore, he aswers all the questions his student might have to be successful in his class.
Mr. Gasparo is an expert on MLA format. He taught me everything I needed to know about MLA format all the way down to the work cited page. Through this experience, I could tell that Mr. Gasparo was really dedicated, straight to the point, and very passionate in his job, and that means a lot to me, and it's really hard to find good quality teachers these days. Mr. Gasparo has given me the knowledge I need to write a successful paper that helped me gain confidence in writing. As a result, he made me become a better writter and a better person.
English 111 with Mr Gasparo opened my eyes more on one extra credit assignment. Mr. Gasparo gave us a chance to go hear a great writer speake that goes by the name Tim O’Brien. The speaker gave me more ways on writing a successful paper and finding new ways to open my heart up on writing more. As Tim O’ Brien would say open up your imagination and trust your writing is what I did from there on and out. Mr. Gasparo showed me a lot on that day, and he showed me that he is a the kind of teacher that reaches out and connects with your writing ability. In addition, he also showed me his creative side to add more points to my final grade.
Taking this class helped me out in various ways. Mr. Gasparo is a great teacher that goes over the limit for you as long as you put forth the effort back . I will have to give this class two thumbs up for anyone who is interested taking this class.
Eng 111 Rocks!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

X Factor-Wolverine

From the start of this movie, I was locked into it. Since the first scene of the movie, I have seen that Logan has been lied to and let down through out his life. As I have seen wolverine and victor go though the battles together, I could tell these guys are out to kill. As I have seen, Wolverine didn’t like all the killing so much so he wanted out, but victor, on the other hand, wanted to continue so Wolverine left. What that did to victor caused him to go on an even bigger killing spree. That part in the movie really bothered me because two brothers that have been with each other from the start are now separated over killing. Despite Wolverine going into his own path and trying to live a normal life, he felt like it was the best thing for him. As the movie went on, I have seen wolverine was doing well for himself. I was happy for him and glad that he was fitting right into the lumber jack life. After everything was going well for wolverine, and all of a sudden things got ugly. Because Wolverine thought that Victor came in and took the life from wolverine girl, he wanted revenge and made him self indestructible. As wolverine was going through that stage, I was pumped just seeing the pain he had to go through to get to that point was amazing, but at the same time, it was painful. What really got to me was that the same guy that made him that strong tried to double cross him. I was just glad wolverine got out of there while he could. When it came down to it wolverine found out that he was set up by the girl he thought was dead and loved including victor and his creator. As a result, Wolverine wanted to destroy his creator and victor. You could see wolverine was confused. Wolverine destroyed everything his creator built. What really matters to me at the end of the movie was when he gained respect back from his brother victor. I just couldn’t understand why victor would leave his brother on the island so quickly because victor could have once again have his brother back before he got shot in the head and he didn’t half to lose his memory. I cannot wait to see what’s in store next for the next movie. Through out this movie, Wolverine showed me so much courage and heart, and he showed me what a real hero is all about, by saving those other mutants.

Negative from the movie –Hugh Jackmen is a foot taller then wolverine in the comics, what I recall the wolverine in the comics being 5 feet 2. Also in the comic’s I though victor was his father not his brother. Other than that this was an awesome movie.

Summer Days at GameStop

There are some major highlights in working at a Game Stop in a shopping center. The first major high light are the beautiful woman you can see on a daily basis passing by your store. On any hot summer day you can get beautiful woman to come in the store and for all you MILF lovers you can get allot of hot moms you can help out when help is needed. Working right next to a Victoria Secret was a next door neighbor dream for a working environment! Guys imagine all the hot babes coming in and out of that place on a hot summer day. Imagine for a second, a hot lustful babe coming right into your store wearing a bikini and whispering in you ear can you show me where the newest games are. You are right now drooling from the mouth in a picture perfect daze. Just that quick u can hear your boss say “Get back to work or your finished”. Just like that back to reality.

As the middle of the summer rolled around you will start to get the heavy gamers. The heavy gamer’s age range around 10-18. In the summer time you are always hit with them because for one there is no school for that age group. The big plus you get out of these guys are them coming in the store and you guys get to babble on about the hot games and the one’s that are coming out in the near future. With the gamers coming in the store you tend to learn allot from those guys since they stayed locked up in their room for hours playing videos games non stop. With them playing all day they know the inn’s and out’s to allot of these games and they express to you what they get from different and various games. If you love conversation about the hot new games, Game Stop is the place to be. It wasn’t a day went by that I didn’t held a thirty min conversation with a gamer and I just loved getting the gamer feedback for I can tell my future customer about that game to go along with my information that I have as well.

As the end of the summer hits the best selling sports game to ever hit the streets will be in stores John Madden Football. Just to give you an inside look on what is John Madden football. Madden NFL is an American football video game series developed by Electronic Arts Tiburon for EA Sports. The game is named after John Madden, a well-known football color commentator and formerly a successful Super Bowl-winning professional football coach during the 1970s with the Oakland Raiders. Madden make over a 1000,000 million dollars at least ever year since the 1990’s. This game has all ages waiting throughout the whole year after the previous title is released. Madden even has a midnight release laugh for the game every year to show all the new features and more. This game to some mothers is their worst nightmare kids go crazy for this game.

Some of these highlights I pointed out to you gives Game Stop workers a need and want to be apart of its staff. Only the real gamers can be apart of the Game Stop experience. From the beginning of the summer to the end its always action going down in Game Stop just make sure you find you was to a store you to experience the fun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First Dianostic Essay

The Perfect Job

Growing up being into different types of video games, at the age of sixteen I had the opportunity to work at the best game store and also the best job I’ve ever had “GameStop”. With looking for my first job, I just didn’t want a lame and non excited job. I wanted a job that I am willing to go to if I wasn’t even getting paid. So I started looking around to find my first job and I couldn’t find a job that best fits me. One day I put in an application for GameStop which I thought would be a great first job and it was something I do every day on my free time, which is play video games. The manager from GameStop called me and told me I had a job. That day I knew this job could get no better. As I started to work at game stop it was kind of ruff learning the new system but I got tuned with it really quick. Once I got settle with the job I found out that to work at GameStop you half to be a friendly and a people person. What I mean by that is having no problem dealing with kids and angry mothers because ninety-five percent of the time being good to your customers is how you get your sells and if you don’t have any sell’s no money. Just being around games and helping people make the right choices on what games to choose from came very easy to me. What I enjoy where the kids seeing their faces light up every time their parents buy’s him or her a new game they’ve wanted for a long time and finally get it. That’s what really sparks me from that job because you get to really connect with the gamers and the kids and get their stand point from games also your knowledge from your experiences with games so you can share them together. I spent exactly two years enjoying the working environment at GameStop before I left to go to college. Through those two years I learned a lot and the stuff I learned from there, I felt like it will help me with life in general. Another thing I would like say about that job is that it helped me a lot with my job’s after that. That’s another reason why I considered GameStop to be my best job ever had.